Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Weekend!

So yes it was a great weekend. Saturday night we ordered the UFC title fight that was on. Jason (who is staying here again until he and Cristy can work out their differences) and my friend Brent from down the street were here to watch. We had a great time. Even when they showed the big toe of Jones' right foot break in slow motion. Eeeewww! Compound fracture. Blood. It was great. And then Sunday after the young men brought me the Sacrament, Brent came up and we watched Ted. Hmmmmm. Sacrament and Ted? Can anyone say oxymoron? And what made that worse was he didn't even like it! Saw Crystal and Doug for like 2 minutes. Amber and Chris had bought a pig and Crystal brought me several different cuts including a ham and some links. Yum! Then tonight Jason and I watched this new series on Syfi, called Defiance. Using plot lines from Terra Nova, Firefly, Serenity and even a little StarWars just for fun. But it proved to be very entertaining.
Looking forward to the season finale's of Bones and The Following. Now that's going to be entertaining!

Well I yacked so much the other day that I will keep this one short. Here's wishing everyone the start of a great week. And all you SS beneficiaries out there. Friday's coming!

P.S.  Found this strip of photo booth pics that I haven't seen since they were taken. Wow! I had no trouble at all letting the tears flow freely with those. Check out my Facebook page to see the others. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What a year!

Okay, I'm really embarrassed. Its been a whole year since I wrote anything. Been busy. Almost died. Things like that. Really! I've been busy! So lets step backwards. Yesterday was my dad's 75th birthday. He is not doing well. He told mom it was going to be his last. I told her that he was tougher than boiled owl shit and he'll be fine. Tuesday was my grandson Connor's 3rd birthday. We had a party at my house. We grilled hot dogs and I got him that cake.

It was kind of cold but we still had a great time. He is growing up so fast, as is Mila. She is starting to talk. Says 'hi' a lot and she said poppa once so that was really cool. 

Jason's stepdaughter from his first marriage, Kacy, is back into our lives and I could not be more happy. 
She came down for easter weekend but went home early because she got sick. We did have an egg hunt and dinner at my house. Loads of fun. 

The holidays went well although we got way too much snow right after Christmas and what a long cold winter it turned out to be. We got an ice storm that stopped everything! People would pull into the park and just sit and spin. The aid from Michael's school that brings him home got stuck twice. Couldn't do anything but spin the tires. Took him 20 minutes just to get to my house from just 3 doors up the road. And when he left he was stuck for over an hour until the manager from the school came with her Cherokee and pushed him out. 

Not that brings me to why Mateo brings Michael home. I no longer take him to school. They come and get him in the morning and Mateo brings him home in the afternoon and showers and shaves him. He also does my wash and any other chores I may need him to do. The reason for that goes back to the first of the blog when I mentioned almost dying. So over five years ago I had been diagnosed with type II diabetes and didn't do anything about it. Oh sure, the doctor gave me metformin to keep my sugars in check, but I ate whatever I wanted and as much as I could get down my throat. I've been over 400 pounds since before Julie died, so at least 10 years. I had not been able to stand on my doctor's scales since they only went to 400. 
Well on August third my life changed. Actually it was maybe a week before. I started getting some symptoms that I just ignored. Both my arms started to jerk in spasms uncontrollably. And then my words started to slur, but was I worried? Did I think to call the doctor? NO!
So the night of the third I was getting ready for bed and realized I had not turned my oxygen on. My jazzy was right next to my recliner so getting into it was no problem. Wrong! I stood up and my legs quit working. They hurt so bad and I could not move them. I couldn't sit in my jazzy or my recliner so I fell to my knees and over the coffee table. I knew I was in trouble but wasn't sure how to get help. I knew the deadbolt to the door was locked so if anyone did come they were going to have to break in to enter. And I couldn't get to the phone. So I fell to the floor and using just my arms, crawled to my jazzy. It was only two feet away but it took me 15 minutes to get into it. So I got to the phone and called Sharla. It was nearly midnight. She called 911 and my son Cameron and my brother Matt. So first the ambulance came. These guys didn't take my vitals, check me out, nothing. One of them actually told me to get back into my recliner and sleep it off. That's when Matt arrived. Being a cop, he knew what needed to be done and asked why it wasn't. They told him they felt there was no need but if we wanted them to still transport me to the hospital, they would. Matt said 'the hell you will!' and they put me in my car and Cameron and Naomi drove me to Davis hospital with Matt right behind. The ambulance showed up just to save their butts. Well, what seemed to be an eternity of tests and films the doctor finally came in and told me I had kidney failure. They put me into intensive care where I stayed for two weeks before finally spending a week in a regular room. My blood pressure was as low as 47 over 17! So low that they could not put me under to put the port in my neck for dialysis. So just a local! Lots of fun. I had to have six rounds of that before my kidneys started working again. I also got sepsis. I needed to transfusions. I had a reaction to the antibiotic I recieved that gave me 'red man syndrome'. I virtually burned from the inside out. 
My legs were in so much pain and I could not move them at all that they had to give me some heavy duty pain killers. One night while I was really bad off my nurse brought me an Ambien and a syringe full of Aderall. He said that would take the edge off. WOW! I went on the best vacation that night I had ever been on! Suddenly my hospital room turned into a hunting cabin. There were head trophys all along the top of the wall. My tv was still there but apparently Elvis had shot it out because it had a big hole in it. Next to it was my clock which was spinning backwards. I reached for my water mug, but there was green mold all over it. And when the nurse asked me if I was okay, I said ' I don't know. Am I?' He said something else but he was no longer speaking english. Lets just say it took me a while to return to my regular room and reality. 

I spent three weeks in the hospital and then three more weeks in rehab learning to stand and walk again. Still can't walk very well. Need a walker. Mostly I use the jazzy. Needless to say I got better. And guess what? I've lost 120 pounds! Yippee!

I am just so grateful to still be here to watch over my family. I don't think Julie was ready for me to join her. My father in heaven has blessed me with a second chance to live a long life and I am going to take full advantage of it, and stay as long as I can. Thank you all for the visits and the well wishes, esp my facebook nation. I know its what kept me sane for all those weeks. I didn't get to see Michael at all while I was gone so the homecoming was so special. He sat at my feet and removed my slippers and rubbed and hugged my feet for at least twenty minuts. He missed me so much! 

Thanks again for all the support. I'm doing fine now!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Update part 2

So I'm not sure who told the Relief Society president that I was in need. But the bishopric showed up to tell me they are going to replace the carpet and vinyl in my house. Going to be a Boy Scout Eagle project. He also offered to fix my car but the shop we took it to says I need a new engine. (Burt Brother's). So we took it to another shop yesterday for a second opinion. We'll see how that turns out. I will let you know and post pictures of the new floors when they are done. Happy spring everyone!

Yes I got new carpet. About a week before I went into the hospital. NICE!

And we ended up taking the car to Larry Haugen's garage. The $4500 new engine that Burt Brothers said I needed ( BOO! ) was a a head gasket replacement and some new tires. $1200 instead. YEAH!

April Update

I didn't include pictures of damage or repairs from the December windstorm. I really lucked out. The repairs were so nice. I got a whole new roof, carport and back porch awning. $20,000 in repairs and not one dime out of pocket! I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is it January or March? Who can tell?!

Hello everyone! This weather is so crazy! Well its the new year and its off to a great start! I'm actually feeling really good right now. Started a vitamin regime of multi-men's vitamin, (quit taking them for a while)hi potency vitamin D, Folic acid and omega 3 fish oil. I also started taking a pill called neuroton for my neuropothy. Not sure which or if all have helped but I feel so charged up right now. Hope it stays this way. My sister Crystal gave me some great exercise equipment. A dumb bell, stretch band, and some hand squeezies. So I don't know if you would call this a resolution or not to better myself for the year but hopefully I can maintain.

Work is coming along slowly but nicely on the house. They are almost done w/the driveway. Just need to put the privacy screen up. The back porch awing is done. They sure look nice. The roof is covered and tar paper is on and its ready for shingles. Just don't know when that is going to happen. The roofers said they would be here yesterday but I've still not seen them.

My Christmas tree is still up. Jason and his family went to see Cristy's sister in Grand Junction for Christmas so we were going to have our Christmas on New Year's day, but then Cameron and Naomi went to San Diego to see Noni's family. So I guess we are doing Christmas this weekend. They wanted to do it Saturday but Sharla has to work so probably Sunday after church.

I hope everyone's Christmas season was as nice as mine was. I just love the holiday's.

Feel free to leave comments or to chat on Facebook. I don't do much but stay home and pound the keyboard. So write or even call. I'm always home!
Bye for now. And just one more thing...DON'T LOOK IN THE CLOSET!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I so enjoy having the young men from the ward bring me a bit of church to my home every Sunday. I was outside watching a neighbor getting her house covered when the young men came. They discovered that I wasn't home and came and found me. Such nice guys.

So Jason and his family came up to see me yesterday. Connor was happy to come see his grandpa but once he was here he kept asking for Sharla and Uncle. He always calls Ryan uncle. Such a cutie.

Well just a week to Christmas. I am so excited. I'm going to have Sharla and Ryan and the kids here and also Cameron and Naomi. Naomi's mom and brother are also coming for dinner. Jason and his family are going to Colorado for Christmas to see Cristy's sister. We will do Christmas with them on New Years day.

Tomorrow the awning gets started. I will let you all know how it goes.
Have a glorious day!

and remember...Don't look in the closet!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Okay, I'm back!

Wow! It's been a year and a half since my first and only post. Really dumb. So much has happened since the last post. The biggest happening being that since I posted last about my new grandson, he now has a baby sister! Amazing huh? Mila Nicole was born on October 26, 2011! She is such a pretty baby. Red hair and the most beautiful blue eyes! They are as pretty blue as Michael's eyes. The picture I'm posting is of her and Mersaydeez. Such pretty girls. Saydee loves her new cousin.

On the 2nd of December we had terrible winds come through here. Clocked at over 100 mph. I lost all the shingles on the north side of my roof and several off the south and several off the shed. My entire carport was blown away. If you've ever been to my home you know how long that was. You could park 4 cars under it end to end and still be covered. The awning on my back porch was also destroyed. Contractors will be here Monday to start repairs. Estimates for repairs are $13,000. At least no one in the park was hurt. Two homes were completely destroyed and power was out for 24 hours. That made for one very cold night, but me and Michael managed okay. They said the awnings would be done before Christmas and I guess they will do the roof in the spring when it is warmer. They did cover all the blank spots to keep out the weather.

The scariest thing to happen to us was around the first of July. That's when my son Cameron found out he had a massive tumor in his chest cavity. Turned out to be testicular cancer of all things. They determined that it was inoperable since part of it had wrapped itself around his aorta. He spent the summer going through radical chemo therapy. And yes my bald son lost his hair. Not quite noticeable on the top of his head but was very heartbreaking when his beard fell out! Needless to say he is now in remission. I guess we have to wait a while before he is officially 'cancer free' but there is no cancer in his body now. Prayer is a mighty powerful tool. He was surely blessed. And I'm sure his mom worked overtime in the angel duties. And Cameron's wife Naomi has been his great support through all of this. She is wonderful!

Well, Christmas is a week away and I hope everyone is well this Christmas season. I love Christmas time!

Love and merry Christmas to you all!